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Kobe thinks it’s “about damn time” for a true LA basketball rivalry (Video)

The Clippers moved to Los Angeles in 1984, but in that time the Clippers have made the playoffs just four times, while in that same span the Lakers have won eight titles. Sure, the Clippers finished with a better record … Continue reading

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That other basketball team in LA is kinda pissed about the Clippers landing CP3

Welp, you just found out that you couldn’t get Chris Paul mere hours after finding out Dwight Howard would no longer be on the market. How would you feel?

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Watch DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin find out about the Chris Paul trade (Video)

The Clippers had some sort of sham public relations stunt Wednesday, giving fans the chance have an exciting bus ride around town with a few of the players. DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin were among the players involved in the … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Clippers land Chris Paul (And other NBA buzz from today)

We’ve got some developing news right now. Chris Paul, for perhaps the 148th time in the last week, appears headed to Los Angeles. Hit the jump for more on that and other NBA Free Urgency chatter from today.

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Stephen Jackson’s crazy talk and other chatter from NBA Free Urgency

Slower day for NBA headlines than we’ve been used to. Anyway, here are all the latest developments and buzz regarding the Association. This is NBA FREE URGENCY!

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NBA Free Urgency has become Basketballmania I

There’s the CP3 fiasco. Now there’s allegations of tampering against the Nets in their pursuit of Dwight Howard. Lamar Odom is crying on the radio. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??? The NBA is in utter chaos right now. We … Continue reading

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The NBA shows lack of tact in Chris Paul trade veto

Leave it to me to try to catch up on Wednesday’s episode of Survivor for 20 minutes and miss the news that turned the NBA player market on its head. As I watched Jeff Probst hand “Coach” the immunity necklace … Continue reading

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