BREAKING: Clippers land Chris Paul (And other NBA buzz from today)

We’ve got some developing news right now. Chris Paul, for perhaps the 148th time in the last week, appears headed to Los Angeles. Hit the jump for more on that and other NBA Free Urgency chatter from today. Continue reading

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Eli Manning, the NFL’s most clutch quarterback?

The NFL’s most clutch quarterback is not named Rodgers, Brees, Brady or even Roethlisberger or Tebow. The NFL’s most clutch quarterback is named Manning, but not Peyton. In this game of “Guess Who,” that leaves only one person. Continue reading

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Kevin Garnett blasts David Stern for whirlwind preseason

I think NBA fans would agree that after the lockout the season can’t come soon enough. But in doing so, fans lose sight of just what the players are going through in this condensed preseason. Teams aren’t having full-length training camps, there’s hardly any preseason games to work out the kinks, a lot of players won’t even be signed early enough before the season tips off. That’s exactly what Celtics forward Kevin Garnett recognizes and he places blame squarely on His Royal Highness David Stern. Continue reading

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Things we can learn from a Lingerie Football League brawl (Video)

Prior to watching this video, I only knew a few things about the Lingerie Football League: One, it’s tackle football for women. Two, said women are wearing lingerie while playing. (Ironically, you can deduce those two things from the name.) Three, the hot chick from this season of Survivor plays in it. And four, the league once recruited Michael Jackson’s daughter. (For real.)

Then I came across this video and it was almost like an illuminating experience. Continue reading

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Derek Jeter parts with one-night stands by giving them signed memorabilia

According to a New York Post (they’re always right) report, Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter gives autographed memorabilia to one-night stands after he sends them home. Continue reading

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Khloe is Rick Carlisle’s favorite Kardashian

Lamar Odom is already taking contrived media day photos in his Mavs jersey, which I guess makes everything official. Acquiring Odom, one of the leagues most versatile players, was a solid move for the defending champs. It’s a little unfortunate, however, that Odom is more known these days for whom he’s married to rather than his basketball acuity. So naturally Mavs coach Rick Carlise was asked by the media about Odom’s reality TV star wife. Continue reading

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Metta World Peace philosophizes about baby teeth (Video)

There are weird people and then there’s Ron Artest Metta World Peace. Here’s the NBA Player Formerly Known as Ron Artest pondering the phenomenon that is baby teeth and thanking Jesus for letting him lose his teeth at an early age. How did we get here? He was asked a question about his name. Go figure.

[H/T LA Times via TBJ]

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