They break ankles in the NHL, too (Video)

If you’ve fallen a smidge behind on your NHL fandom, something called the Minnesota Wild sits atop the league standings with 44 points. So when the Wild met up last night with the second-place Blackhawks on national TV with Doc Emrick (in layman’s terms: hockey’s Gus Johnson) calling the action, it was a pretty big deal.

The game lived up to expectations, with the score going back and forth, leading to overtime then a shootout, where the Hawks’ noted drunk dancer Patrick Kane absolutely humiliated Wild goalie Niklas Backstrom in process of clinching the win. As you see, Backstrom bit hard on a filthy deke by Kane and the rest was history.

Kane later said he didn’t know what he was going to do before he went out for his shot (it sure looked like it for about the first seven seconds and five fakes). That’s always good strategy.

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Tortured but loyal fan of the Golden State Warriors, Oakland Raiders, Oakland A's, San Jose Sharks, Oregon Ducks and Chelsea FC. Life's easier with the R. Kelly Pandora station.
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