That other basketball team in LA is kinda pissed about the Clippers landing CP3

Welp, you just found out that you couldn’t get Chris Paul mere hours after finding out Dwight Howard would no longer be on the market. How would you feel?

It was a crappy Wednesday for the Lakers, as their chances to land either of the two most coveted players on the market became practically non-existent. But having your little brother franchise with whom you share a building acquire the very player you were about to have until His Royal Highness David Stern’s highly controversial veto has to just be a shot in the nuts.

From the LA Times:

The Lakers were privately fuming Wednesday, according to a person with knowledge of their front office, when Paul, the New Orleans point guard, ended up in Los Angeles six days after the NBA vetoed the Lakers’ trade for him.

Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak declined to comment through a spokesman but earlier this week said the NBA’s blockade was “completely unexpected.”

“We did the best we can to express our displeasure,” Kupchak said Monday.

If you’re behind, the Lakers would have sent Pau Gasol to the Rockets and Lamar Odom to the Hornets in the nixed trade last Thursday. Odom, who was publicly offended by being included in the offer, was later sent to the Mavericks, a trade with which many Lakers fans and players have voiced their displeasure.

All but officially out of the Chris Paul hunt, the Lakers shifted their attention to acquiring Howard from the Magic, but Orlando announced Wednesday that it had taken the big man off the trading block.

That still doesn’t mean Howard could be traded sometime this season. To the Nets? To the Lakers? Who knows? But that’s something even Gasol, who many speculate could be involved in a Lakers trade for Howard, recognizes:

“You don’t know if they’re just saying that,” Gasol said. “They’re probably saying that to get a better offer and then pull the trigger.”

[LA Times]

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