Here’s why Chris Paul won’t sign an extension with ANYONE

Chris Paul is making his suitors think hard over whether they really want to pull the trigger on giving up key pieces of their roster in a trade that would acquire him for what could possibly end up being only a 66-game rental.

It’s a given Paul won’t sign an extension with anybody. Not the Warriors, not the Clippers, not the Lakers—nobody. Not even the Knicks. It has nothing to do with where he wants play and everything to do with how much money he wants to make.

From David Aldridge:

Paul is getting paid $16.359 million this season, and has a player option for next season at $17.779 million. If he were to agree to an extension on the existing contract, he would play for the $17.779 million next season, and then be eligible for a two-year extension in 2013 for $19.112 million and $20.446 million, for a total package of $74 million through the 2014-15 season. If, however, he opts out and becomes a free agent, he’d be able to sign a five-year deal with his incumbent team worth $102 million.

$102 million > $74 million. It’s as simple as that. For us regular folks, it’s the same as having to choose between Denny’s, where you can get seated right away and have an OK breakfast, and IHOP, where you might have to wait 15 minutes before you get a table but you get freakin’ strawberries and whipped cream on your pancakes.


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