ESPN’s persisting hardon for the Lakers. And other whispers from NBA Free Urgency

I sincerely think ESPN wants Chris Paul and Dwight Howard on the Lakers more than the Lakers actually do. Anyway, here’s some of today’s gossip, headlines and other developments in NBA Free Urgency:

Chris Broussard, gossip monger: “one source told late Tuesday that the Hornets have not yet ruled out accepting a trade package headlined by Pau Gasol. That would theoretically free up L.A. to build an offer for (Dwight) Howard around (Andrew) Bynum and a package for Paul around Gasol, although it remains unclear how the Lakers could make two separate offers sufficiently attractive to pull off what would rank as perhaps the most star-studded trade haul in league history.”

The Kris Humphries interview you’ve been waiting for. And he’s not even allowed to talk about Kwhat’s Kher Kface? Klame. Anyway, he’s getting interest from the Nets, Mavs and Hornets, but who cares about any of that.

Ricky Rubio, now in Minnesota, enjoys seeing snow on the ground.

Jason Kapono coming to a Lakers uniform near you. Hopefully a return to the city where he played his college ball also means a return of the headband.

The Spurs will amnesty Richard Jefferson and his stupid tattoo.

Tracy McGrady agreed on a one-year deal with Atlanta because that’s where the players play and they ride on them things like everyday.

Jamal Crawford wants to play for the Bulls next season. So does ____ (fill in blank with almost every available free agent).

It wouldn’t make sense for Chris Paul to sign an extension anywhere when he can get better deals as a free agent next summer. Just like how it wouldn’t make sense for a team not named the Knicks trading for him.

The Warriors’ No. 1 target is Tyson Chandler. Sorry, Kyrylo Fesenko.

JJ Barea is probably heading out of Dallas. Given his wife is a former Miss Universe, we can rule out him wanting to go anywhere not named New York, Miami or Los Angeles.

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Tortured but loyal fan of the Golden State Warriors, Oakland Raiders, Oakland A's, San Jose Sharks, Oregon Ducks and Chelsea FC. Life's easier with the R. Kelly Pandora station.
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