Tonight: LeBron. Durant. Flag football.

Earlier in the month, Kevin Durant and his cut-off sweatpants made headlines for playing in an intramural flag football game with a bunch of frat bros. Not too long after, LeBron, possibly jealous for the amount of attention Durant was getting, publicly challenged him to their own flag football game.

Well, that game happens tonight. And you can watch it live online for free.

The game will be streamed live on LeBron’s UStream page. Kickoff is set for around 8 eastern.

It’s sure to be a classic. In a promo for the game, LeBron was already bringing the smack and gave himself a nickname. With Calvin Johnson of the Lions being “Megatron,” LeBron is calling himself “Optimus Prime.” Carmelo Anthony weighed in and said he’s more of a “Bumblebee.” Whooped.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra and Thunder coach Scott Brooks are just hoping nobody tears an ACL.

Time to handicap the match-up:

Other than Charlie Bell and LeBron’s plus-one for everything, Maverick Carter (and of course LeBron and KD), I’ve never heard of any of the guys on either roster. So I guess I can only make my line based on the two headliners.

Kevin Durant might be more privy to the style of flag football, which is profoundly different than that of actual football, given that’s he’s played more recently. But LeBron actually played football in high school and even was named to the all-state team. He’s also going to be bigger, faster, stronger than everyone else there. And the game is on LeBron’s home turf of Akron, Ohio.

Team LeBron is a 7-point favorite in my book.

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