Raiders WR Chaz Schilens: Warren Sapp is a ‘joke’

Some guys just can’t take disrespect from the media. And in this case, Raiders wide receiver Chaz Schilens falls under “some guys” and former Raiders defensive lineman Warren Sapp falls under “the media.” 

Sapp, who played in Oakland from 2004 to 2007, is a commentator on Showtime’s Inside the NFL, and on the show he picked the Raiders to lose to the Vikings last weekend. The Raiders won, and Schilens didn’t take too kindly to the snub when asked about it Tuesday.

From SF Gate:

“Warren Sapp is a fool,” Schilens said. “That dude is stupid. He played for the Raiders 20 years ago, no one cares what he says, nobody likes him, he’s a joke … Everyone on this team thinks he’s a joke. So, he can make his predictions next week, and we’ll watch ‘em and we’ll go out and win. … That’s about it.”

Some guys in the media can’t just take disrespect from players. Here’s Sapp’s rebuttal via Twitter:

“Ok Just Woke Up From My Tuesday Slumber. Who’s Chaz Schilens ?? Oh Wasn’t He Just On DWTS? Did He Win??”

(Ed.: He’s referencing Cher’s one-time daughter, now son Chaz Bono)

“My Bad! I Looked Ole Chaz Up, 8 & 6 Starts His 1st Two Yrs. ONE Start In Last 2yrs, Better Start a Career Before Its Over!”

“And someone tell Chaz I left High School 20yrs ago! And in my 4th year I had Pineapple in my Diet!”

“That’s a Pro-Bowl! Walking In Pineapple Fields in Hawaii.”

After yesterday’s analysis of the Jackson-Scobee beef, it’s only appropriate I score this one as well.

It’s never good when some explanation of your comebacks is necessary to understand them. At the same time, Sapp does make a point: Who the hell is Chaz Schilens, other than that guy you randomly signed from free agency in your Madden franchise because you fell under the minimum for wideouts? Looks like I’ll have to settle this some other way.

After further review of Sapp’s stats in Oakland, he didn’t do that badly, considering he was playing in the 3-4 for most of his tenure, a system previously unfamiliar to him. Schilens has been hurt for a lot of his career, but fully healthy this year, he’s been more “miss” than “hit.”

Final score: 10-9, Sapp, mostly for actually having some credibility. But props all around still for an entertaining kerfuffle.

[SF Gate]

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