Bill Romanowski: Don’t hate on Tebow because he’s “the only virgin in the NFL.”

Tim Tebow is an openly chaste fellow. And for that Bill Romanowski says you can’t knock the Broncos’ struggling starting quarterback.

The former 49er/Eagle/Bronco/Raider/steroids-user and possible roid-rager was a guest last Friday on “Calling All Sports” on The Fan AM 1060 in Phoenix, Ariz., and discussed one Timothy Richard Tebow:

Tim Tebow, I can’t put him to sleep yet because he’s the only virgin in the NFL. Okay? You can’t hate the guy. For the guys that try to hit him hard and talk smack and stuff, he just looks at them and says ‘God Bless You.’

I doubt commenters are going to oblige.

As for Tebow, he may have temporarily silenced his critics after picking up a 38-24 win in Oakland on Sunday, throwing for 124 yards (10-for-21) and two touchdowns, while running for a career-high 118 yards.

[Cheers, Sports Grid]


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