Chris Cooley admits Eagles are ‘team to beat’ in NFC East

Redskins tight end Chris Cooley isn’t going to B.S. you.

So when he went on 106.7 The Fan in D.C. and was asked about the competitive NFC East, he answered the question honestly.

“I think Philly’s the team to beat, looking at what they’ve done right now,” Cooley said. “But when you look at the NFL and you look at the East, everyone can be very good. I wouldn’t be surprised, any way, to see New York and Dallas both being excellent football teams. It’s a tough division and it always will be, but when you look at what Philly did and when you look at the players they have and coming off the year they had last year, I think they’re a very good football team. Obviously we’re not the team to beat based on the way we played last year and what we’ve done over the past couple years.”

It quite a change from what we’ve heard coming out of the NFC East recently. Cooley’s teammate and newly named starting quarterback Rex Grossman guaranteed a month ago that the Redskins were going to win the division.

““We’re fine being the sleepers right now,” Grossman said. “We’re just waiting in the wings ready to take over the NFC East.”

And then earlier this month, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick said that “you can’t design a defense to stop me.”

Don’t count the coaches out of the big talk, either. Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said last month that his team is going to “beat the ass” of the Eagles.

So while he’s not busy playing fantasy football or wearing short-shorts, Chris Cooley might just be the most humble person in the NFC East.

[H/T Eye on Football]


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