Rapper Uncle Luke weighs in on Miami scandal

Noted Hurricanes fan Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell, who is most known for being part of 2 Live Crew, the Miami rap group from the ’80s and ’90s that put out such child-friendly tracks such as “The Fuck Shop,” “We Want Some Pussy,” and of course “Me So Horny,” weighed in on the University of Miami scandal that was dominated the headlines this week.

Campbell (second from right in above photo) in a video interview with the Miami Herald spoke about meeting renegade booster Nevin Shapiro, his impressions of him and the mess left in South Beach.

Here are some notable quotes from that 11-minute video:

On Shaprio giving athletes prostitutes:

You the scum of the earth. You running around, giving kids prostitutes. You know, he need to get more time for that. … If you say you been recruiting kids at the age of 17, giving them girls, then what that make you? That’s child sex.

On Shapiro’s desire to be known as “Little Luke,” carring on Campbell’s alleged behind-closed-doors legacy with the program and its players in the 80’s:

The things I’ve done for this community — I started my optimist program 25, 26 years ago. You wanna be Little Luke? Naw, do that. Start a youth program. Go into the community, do things for underpriviledged mothers and families and some of these kids. Help them get into college and do the right thing in life. That’s a Little Luke to me.

On Shapiro’s claim that he’s only coming out because he was jilted by former Hurricanes when his legal troubles started mounting:

Ain’t nobody owe him nothing. You a booster. I mean, that’s what you do. You booster and take kids out to dinner — the ones that you are legally bound to take out — and you give money to the program. And that’s what you do. If [Miami president] Donna Shalala take your name off the wall, then that’s what it is.

On meeting the 5-foot-5 Shaprio in the past:

The guy got such a Napoleon complex. Here’s a guy who’s 3-foot-3, he say [he’s] one of the brothers, ‘I’m one of the brothers!” I’m like, okay, what do you mean you one of the brothers. “Well, here’s my black girlfriend. She’s 6-2. That makes me one of the brothers.” Right there, turned me off.

On what former coach Randy Shannon thought about Shapiro:

He absolutely did not want him around the program. Under no circumstances. …And he hated Randy for that.

On the 12 current players Shapiro mentioned he had ties to:

I do not believe under no circumstances those kids was involved in taking money from this guy. Because, again, like I said, we woulda heard about it. It’s just like any sugar daddy. Any of the guys on the street, any of the guys up under here, any of these guys at the park. We all woulda heard about it. ‘Oh, there’s a guy giving money away — giving free money away.’ Nobody heard about this. And I’m telling you, if people woulda heard about it, then people woulda correctly corrected those kids.

On whether he thinks the University knew what Shapiro was doing:

If anybody in that administration knew this guy was doing dirty dealings, doing the things that he’s alleged he was doing with these kids, they woulda cut him out of the program.

On the potential of the NCAA giving the football program the “death penalty”:

This whole town would be on suicide watch. …This program is Miami. The first thing is University of Miami football, second thing Miami Dolphins football, third thing is Miami Heat. …It go in that order. It is what it is.

On the college football booster culture:

Ninety percent of the boosters, they don’t know nothing about football. They just happy. ‘Hey, look, I just want to be inspiring to one of these kids. I know where they come from. I’m gonna donate some money to the program, invite them to the house, let them enjoy–” but you have again those general manager-type boosters who want to boost the program and give money so that they can have a say-so with the coaches and a say-so as to who should start and all that. Those guys should automatically be thrown out of the program. Any university should not take their money.

See the full video here.

Luther Campbell weighs in on UM scandal [Miami Herald]

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