Blake Griffin runs over squirrel, concludes Casey Anthony is a ‘monster.’

I dare you to read this tweet without at least smirking. Let’s break down what makes this tweet so awesome.

First he shares the unfortunate news that he hit a squirrel with his car. Okay, fine. Seems tweet-worthy. Then he says he lost sleep over it. Good to show remorse, but I’m sorry; losing sleep over a tiny little animal that’s always lifelessly sprawled out on the side of a road somewhere is moderately comedic to me coming from a big, strong professional athlete.

Then out of nowhere he lays the hammer. “Casey Anthony is a monster.” Not sure what part of squirrel killing is related at all to baby killing, but why not take a shot at her while everyone else is?

I have to say it’s great to see a tweet by an athlete that isn’t something insignificant such as, “What’s good, tweeps?” or a retweet from The Game or “Who wants to play Call of Duty?” *cough* Ochocinco! *cough*. 90% of professional athletes aren’t worth following on Twitter.

So keep doing your thing, Blake Griffin.

[H/T Deadspin]

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